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Orphans & Organizations: session 27

A Night at the Theater

We wanted to talk to Mirt as soon as possible, so Zephyr (attempted to) forge some tickets for us to get into the theater so we could make our way to his booth. None of us knew what the show was but it looked good enough anyway.

At the theater, a ticket-taker stopped Vivi but didn't see any cause to stop us. Vivi lead us near to Mirt's box and sent him a message; he was surprised but told us to come see him.

Mirt told us that the city guard could interview the deceased. Apparently they had spoken with Krentz - after his death - who was told something about an embezzlement scheme that involved Dagult Neverember (if not helmed by him). He also was told that the prize of the Grand Game was meant to be something extremely valuable.

"Those in money often seek power, or the other way around", Mirt told us when asked if the names had any particular meaning for him. He also told us that he wasn't sharing everything he knew with us for fear of the possibility of that knowledge being taken from us unwillingly.

I asked Mirt if he knew anything about a meeting that Davil took before his disappearance. Mirt told us that he Davil to reclaim something from the Castlelanterns, who had something that might become a problem down the line.

Mirt warned us to be very careful around the Gralhunds.

Weirdbottle's alliegence is apparently fast and short; Mirt wasn't sure where he was.

When we got back to the Tavern, Heyax saw Lif for the first time! And Fala had left us some delicious scones and tea - she might make a very good cook.

Vivi cast a sending to Davil Starsong - he was unable to respond but could cough in reply, proving he was still alive. We had two ideas about how to recover him:

  • pose as someone who wanted to get their hands on Davil
    • Flocksun's Zhentarim?
    • Xanathar's Guild?
  • go in and get him ourselves

Vivi sent a message to Mirt, informing him of Davil being alive and asking for advice. He told us not to sneak in unless absolutely necessary and that while coin wouldn't be of use to them but favors might.

24 Eleint

A cloudy day, chilly but warm enough. When we got to the Cassalanter's villa, the crowds gave us a wide berth and we spotted the city guard rushing around. The gates were open and we heard a voice shout: "find them and bring them back! Where are my children?!"

We can make this work for us! We can offer to save their kids in exchange for giving us Davil - they might even pay us for it!

Light in the Sky: session 15


they go back to ukira's and gather their things, grevekt uses the scroll of continual flame to hide the chardalyn flail in a permanent fire

travel to lonelywood:

  • kithri - keeping an eye on the trail - dirty 20 survival
  • grevekt and ukira keeping a lookout - 13 perception

on the road, "ambushed" by a chwinga that threw a snowball at ukira, who flattened it in return. the chwinga gave her a frozen berry (not poisoned)

nimsy asks them for help w/ the white moose and offers cookies to the group

  • kithri says it's not a moose, but a druid

killers of elven woman: pavel and cefrey, at the lucky liar

  • they got spooked by sounds in the forest
    • snorts and rustling of trees
  • pavel had his bow out and ready, loosed an arrow at the first sign of movement


Ravisin: "ask the hunters about Vurnis" (her sister, that was killed by a hunter

Light in the Sky: session 14

actual session

they're wondering what the story is about everyone having gone missing?

they bring oarus to bury the body

grevekt nicks the key to the reliable supplier from kithri and goes alone to the store

  • finds scrolls of augury and continual flame
  • figurines of scrimshaw and wood - given to ukira and kithri
  • 40g gold dust
  • high quality paper and ink

oarus tells ukira and kithri that he can finish burying kara and they go to the reliable supplier

kithri checks the attic - nothing interesting, it's a work space

grevekt checks the desk in the bedroom and finds the ledger (below)

oarus takes the key and goes to talk to the braig family (about vernon's sister taking over the store). the party goes to the eastside for a meal and to discuss

  • they notice clyde is running the place and resembles marta (her father)


searching the reliable supplier

  • sketches of the marker
  • Kara was organizing enough supplies for 9 (the things) to take a trip out of town for at least a tenday
    • food, sleds to move more than they were going to take
    • they were going to bring the marker back to termalaine
  • "we can be warm! make us whole!"
  • order history for Genny and Marta after Rein's team came back

next time

speaker nimsy huddle (from lonelywood) sends a messenger to oarus & the party

  • she got the loggers to finally tell her that one of them accidentally killed a woman in the woods several months ago

Light in the Sky: session 13

they debrief about the flail. they don't believe it's connected to The Marker.

at town hall, they asked oarus if anything changed about rein recently - she started using the flail several months ago. they checked the logbook with oarus and found the record was pretty high-level

vernon braig has a sister who can take over the reliable supplier if needed. kara lives alone but has family in town

the group went to the reliable supplier and were flagged down by geren's man keeping watch. he was told that kara was inside when he got here and she hasn't left. before they can talk to him any more, he smothers his fire and leaves

while they talk, kara leaves the shop and starts going to the mine. kithri calls out to her by name and she tells them she has an errand to run at the mine. the gruop refuses not to accompany her, so they go together

grevekt gets suspicious and summons an icy talon to grab her

they kill the shit out of her, and knock her out. inside the earthen grasp, they hear loud snaps and breaks and 3 small balls of bone and tendos burst through the hand. grevekt sapping stings one and ukira burns the others. kara's head tries to flee separately and ukira burns that too

they think there's a lot of little things that can exist in a single body

bury body
search general store (show them how they got infected - via the marker)

  • what's the connection between everyone on the list? how long infected?
    • stored blood, body parts
    • definitely a roster then frost druid or go to bryn shander re: loross

Orphans & Organizations: session 22


Zephyr and I quickly searched the closest bodies - I had the appearance of someone wearing Xanathar's Guild robes and found a pouch on Krentz along with 12 gold between the others, before I ran for an alley. Zephyr only searched Krentz and found a scroll, a knotted but cut string and a smoldering note. Meanwhile, Vivi ushered Rishal and Fala into the tavern and extended an offer to Heyax as well but he wanted to check on the Autum and Grimmen Bronzeleaf (who he was staying with). Heyax had to fight the crowd to get to get where he was staying and spotted the Guard approaching.

The Bronzeleaves were hungover from Brightswords but otherwise fine. They told Heyax that they could figure out rent for any days was gone when he got back.

Krent'z satchel contained 7 silver, 10 copper and jerky.

On his way back to the tavern, Heyax noticed five Guard members as well as two older looking people in Guard-colored robes.

The four of us retire to the common room upstairs and agree to offer Rishal and Fala rooms in the tavern - as well as Heyax, if he wants to participate in running the tavern. I suggested to Fala that if she wants to help the tavern serve tea, she would be welcome.

A short while later there was a knock at the door: a very tall human, with bags under his eyes, a sad van dyke and generally droopy appearance in a city watch tabard holding Small parchment and quill. Standing next to him is a smaller, guard with at least some dwarven ancestry wearing round, nearly opaque glasses and robes of purple and lavendar.

The taller human was Sgt Barnabaus Blastwind and the other was Saith Cromley.

Heyax, Vivi and Zephyr described the strange figures they saw before the conflagration to the guard.

  • dark-skinned halfling, who said "he got too far"
  • someone in a wide-brimmed hat
  • a hooded figure

After the guard left, we heard a series of thumps from above the tavern. Heyax, Vivi and Zephyr went to investigate, while I kept watch in the tavern. The trio found Renaer coming down the stairs - he didn't want to draw more attention to himself than necessary.

Renaer got nervous when we told him no one was here waiting for him already. We retired to the study to discuss further.

Zephyr looked through the items she picked up from Krentz. There was a note:

I do not care for what is underway in the city. The secreti
buse, no doubt partly my fault, could expand bey ____ e w
terdeep. Ensure safe delivery of the enclosed _____
d I will ensure your own safety far beyond the S ____ st.
- D.N.

I realized that the knotted string Zephyr found on Krentz was used to contain something and was cut free.

Vivi and Zephyr were talking about the strangers they saw before the detonation and I was reminded of the Magists' Guild where we met an ambidextrous quill-holder and statue that wasn't a statue (made of stone or wood or something) with a wide hat and seemed to contain gears.

Orphans & Organizations: session 26

The morning after

23 Eleint

What a day.

After awaking the next morning, Vivi checked out her window to see if there were any other figures on a building pointing toward Trollskull Alley. Instead of a nimblewright, she saw somethign stuck between shingles on a roof. With some magically-assisted jumping, she went and grabbed it: a torn part of a tabard, with the symbol of the House of Inspired Hands.

I used my Lantern of Remembrance to review the fabric's history: it was woven and pulled taut... pieces of metal and wood shaped together... a whoosh as fabric met metal... indistinct words in an agreement... pen on parchment, hands shaking... knife and fork on plate... exuberance and enthusiasm with a little smarminess... a sense of high and low, opposite ends working together: the fabric was there for something like that... open air... a necklace... a bead... a whistle... an explosion... a tear and then floating in the breeze.

If there was a meeting between high and low class, either the Zhentarim or Xanathar's Guild backed by nobility seemed like a likely pairing.

Vivi thought that her College of Whispers might have some information about the noble families from the nimblewright registry and also wanted to talk to Wren.

I thought there were too many connections to Weirdbottle and wanted to see if I could find Davil. At the Yawning Portal, Yagra is present and seemed upset to Heyax. When she saw me, however, she flew into a rage and grabbed me by the neck and shawl, saying that me and my group were the reason he's gone. Heyax and Zephyr made overt physical threats as I made a more veiled one - thankfully, Yagra relented and shoved me into a booth instead.

In between saying that it's because of us, Yagra told us that Davil was missing (or dead) after going to do something to surprise us. He had met with someone (meeting Mirt's description) and then went to steal something - without Yagra. She was upset because she was supposed to be his protection.

Yagra and Heyax seemed to hit it off after things had calmed down, too!

Vivi talked to Wren and found out that she had worked on nimblewrights before but said she couldn't create any real kind of magic the way Vivi does. However, she was working on a device to track nimblewrights! Vivi convinced Wren to let her test the device out and take notes.

In the interest of not leaving any of our group by ourselves, Heyax went with Vivi into the College to research the noble families from the nimblewright registry. Meanwhile, I studied by Book of Shadows and Zephyr practiced card tricks.

Orphans & Organizations: session 25

Brawling in the Streets

I cast Detect Thoughts so that I could get some communication back from the mechanical being. When I asked about the mechanical bird, it seemed like its release was an accident. The Nimblewright make was not aware of any of the Nimblewrights that would have been in the North Ward that morning nor could they determine which of their creations it was from the mental image I sent it. They directed me toward the ledger and that the priests could tell us more.

We decided to try other avenues of investigation before confronting the priests again. Rather than clambering over and down the building again, I opened a crack in space and fell through, appearing on the street below. Heyax did his best to help Zephyr and Vivi climb back to the roof - hijinks ensued.

On the way back, we passed by a rougher tavern and in a bid to blend in with the belligerent locals, I accidentally spilled a drink on a dwarf. He tried to extort 10 gold out of me as compensation. We tried to intimidate him into backing off. I put three silver into the chest of one of the drunks and turned to leave. He used some sort of electric whip trying to stop me and things devolved into combat!

When we got back to the tavern, I used the sending stone to contact Davil:

A nimblewright was in Trollskull Alley today before the fire. I have an order ledger for nimblewrights, which includes Weirdbottle. Do you trust him enough?

There was no reply, which was unusual and suspicious. Exhausted, I went to bed.

Orphans & Organizations: session 23

The Nimblewright

On the way out of the tavern, Zephyr saw a young boy fiddling with a beaded instrument next to an older woman in a city guard tabard, who was pointing up toward where Zephyr saw one of the figures before the explosion. The trip to Blackstaff Tower was uneventful - once we got away from Trollskull Alley, the crowds got more relaxed.

As before, Blackstaff Tower clearly radiates energy but we're able to walk right in. Thankfully, Omra Oriqen is at the front desk again, writing with both hands. I asked her about the status of a delivery I was due - my membership to the Watchful Order and an unusual spell component. Omra checked in a register - while still writing with one hand - and was taken aback for a moment when she saw who had signed off on them.

Meanwhile, Zephyr went looking for the statue-thing we recalled earlier. It was difficult to tell what material it was made of: somewhere between copper and bronze. Inside, the metal plates, gears and moving parts were visible. Zephyr wondered aloud "does this thing move?" and the featureless face of the thing turned toward her. Then it tipped its wide-brimmed hat to her.

Omra got somewhat irritated and asked Zephyr not to touch the Nimblewright. She said it was there to help protect "us" and will also protect itself. I "wondered" aloud who could have made such a wonder; turns out it was from the House of Inspired Hands: more or less the temple of Gond.

We were curious, and went directly to the House of Inspired Hands, hoping to find out more about Nimblewright. Inside, there's an anvil and hammer instead of a lectern with a Dragonborn woman nearby in white and off-orange robes. When I asked about the magnificent Nimblewright I saw at Blackstaff Tower, she got defensive and wanted to know if I sought the knowledge for selfish reasons. Apparently there had been other prying eyes recently.

Vivi got the woman to admit the Nimblewright are fantastically expensive, on the order of 50,000 gold.

I created an illusion of a crashing of metal and the woman panicked and tried to get us to leave while she went to check on it. Outside, Heyax was injured when a mechanical bird flew into him!

We took the pices of the bird to Shallow's End, to talk about what happened at the House of Inspired Hands. Once seated, I focused the light from my Latern of Remembrance on the mechanical creature and used it to study its history:

I saw metal worked to make the creature, its face was an arrowhead with the tip broken off. The hands making it were ungloved and also metallic - thin and intricate.

It flew around a storage space, with books and crates, near a creature that seemed very similar to a Nimblewright. Most of its existence was spent in this area.

Then, most recently, it went from window to window until it flew through one and into Heyax.

Light in the Sky: session 12


After recovering from their near-death experiences in the tundra, the group safely made their way back to The Blue Clam in Termalaine. Once there, they got some food and drink from Vernon while Grevekt listened in on a couple miners' conversation. Apparently the kobolds were working hard and while they hadn't been welcomed with open arms, they were being more or less left alone.

They waited for Oarus at the tavern and after he had a quick meal, went back to town hall to talk with him. He didn't seem to know anything about The Marker, Rein's deal with the nomads, or Loross. All four agreed that they wanted more information, so they went to the militia headquarters that Rein used and searched for anything that could tell them more.

Like at her house, Rein had a logbook readily available and inside were entries showing that they had made the trade. The nomads left, following the reindeer back toward the glacier and Urth was still with them at the time. He seemed worried about outcasts from The Bear Tribe finding them - Rein's entry on this didn't seem interested one way or the other.

Unlike at Rein's house, however, there was also a hidden parchment! On it was a list of names:

  • ~~~~
  • ~~~~
  • ~~~~
  • Genny
  • Marta Peskryk
  • Kara Felosial

Underneath the names was written: MAKE US WHOLE

The group was still battered and exhausted from their trek through the wilds and decided to rest; they could confront Kara at her shop the next day.

26 Nightal, 1498 DR

When Kithri awoke the next day, she remembered the strange flail they found and felt certain that it could help her get more information about what to do next. She took her gloves off, held the weapon and went outside to meditate and pray over it. Instead of an answer, however, a light - like from her amulet - blinked inside Ukira's room, startling the barbarian, who went outside too, and checked on Kithri.

Kithri was furious at not receiving an answer and tried to convince the others to help her find out more about the strange flail. Ukira was concerned about the sharp change of focus in her friend and reminded Kithri that there were people who needed protecting here. Kithri reeled at Ukira's words and seemed to have a moment of clarity - she told the others about invasive thoughts about the importance of the flail as a conduit to Auril and how wanting to follow the winter goddess.

The moment passed and Kithri felt those thoughts coming back. Before they could claim her again, she tossed the flail toward the fire. Ukira kicked it the rest of the way in and stood between Kithri and it. Then Grevekt cast a spell that locked it in place in the fire!

Light in the Sky: session 11

Cold Light

With the blue light moving their direction, Grevekt was terrified and bolted away from it, forcing Kithri and Ukira to follow. The light slowly followed after them until the trio came upon a cluster of huge ice shards jutting from the frozen earth and hid among them. After a short wait, the light closed in on their trail and they could see it more clearly: a humanoid figure covered in a tattered cloak and clothing. The cone of light shone from under its hood while lesser lights bled out through other cuts in the fabric!

When the entity got close, Kithri tried to ask what they wanted from them but its reply was a concussive pummelling, so the group defended themselves. The struggle was savage and dangerous, leaving each of the three near unconsciousness. Once the creature fell motionless, the light shining from its body faded away, leaving an otherwise normal-looking human body.

Grevekt was able to stabilize Kithri and, not wanting to press on in such a bad state, Ukira carried Kithri back to Rein's training camp so they could all recover.

When kithri regained consciousness, they reviewed what they had learned at the research camp: the cairn would fit maybe five bodies, and someone had to pile the stones. The training cabin had space for six people. There might be one more of the shapeshifting things...

Light in the Sky: session 10

In from the cold

25 Nightal, 1498 DR

After resting overnight in Rein's cabin, the group travelled to the site where the milita met the nomads. When they arrived, they found several tents - all with slashes cut into the leather. Grevekt didn't want to take any chances and magically doubled the weight of two of the tents' support poles, collapsing them.

On the way to the largest tent, Ukira's torch revealed an area clear of snow and cenetered around a twelve- or thirteen-foot-tall sculpture of two ridged spirals twisted together. Grevekt used a cantrip to till the ground inside the area and showing it to be normal earthen soil; he touched it and it was warm!

Kithri and Grevekt moved into the area and when he approached the statue, his eyes get lost in the twists and spirals. He had to force himself to focus on taking notes again.

Meanwhile, Ukira looked around inside the large tent. After their recent experiences, Ukira looked around for blood and couldn't find any. Rein had a folio of notes inside describing how they got the artifact from the nomads - their leader was a man named Urth. They were trying to figure out how it worked and if they could amplify it to help Termalaine or even all of Ten-Towns. At first, the notes referred to the sculpture as "the artifact" but later, changed to calling it "The Marker".

Outside again, Ukira noticed a cairn on the ridgeline above the Marker that she thought had been pushed out from inside. Somewhere between 2 and 5 people could have been interred under it but no one was there anymore.

Kithri took the folio of Rein's notes and planned to give it to Oarus and Geren. Grevekt took some notes about the runes on the Marker and recognized them as Loross - the language of lost Netheril!

The day's meager light was long past and the three wanted to return to Termalaine. Along the trek, Ukira spotted a cold blue cone of light sweeping over the tundra toward them!

Orphans & Organizations: session 21

New blood

18 Eleint (flashback)

Heyax had to be encouraged to go and enjoy Brightswords. He watched the tournament and afterward, wanted to try the smoky, misty drink at the Trollskull Tavern. While looking for a drink, he saw a drink apparently pouring itself at the bar and tried to tap at where a shoulder would be. His hand passed through the air and, confused, he asked for the special. The drink seemed to pour itself and a chalkboard appears with "1 silver please".

After several hours of drinking, Heyax left a tip and waved in the general direction of where he thought the spectral bartender was before heading back into the night to prepare for the next day's work. Along the way, he found himself at the Steam and Steel and stopped to admire the fine detail of their work. After looking over the items he could make out, Heyax started slogging his way back and after 30' or so, he took a quick break. But the next thing he knew, early morning was gathering in the streets and the sky was too bright to be night.

"Shit, he got too far! We don't need to do this... Shit, we need to do this" from a halfling who then blew a short, sharp whistle. Then he felt a massive explosion through the ground and air that echoed in his chest! After the roar died down, screams and footsteps filled the silence and flames lit the alley.

19 Eleint (present)

After the explosion, Zephyr bolted into the alley to find three people downed, unmoving in the street. I followed and found that the three were likely dead. Heyax awoke to hear our voices and saw someone in the alley in front of him, with a shimmer over him in a runner's stance; Heyax recognized it as some kind of defensive magic.

Through the din, I heard Fala crying out of help - I ran (and leapt through a tunnel in space) toward Corellon's Crown to find her shop catching fire. Uncovering the Lantern of Remembrance, I extinguished a section of flame and called for Fala to make her way outside.

Vivi, using magically assisted jumps, went to The Book Wyrm's Treasure to find Rishal's shop, and likely bedroom, are collapsed and burning.

The figure Heyax saw came up behind him and suggested he help assist the living, which Heyax was compelled to do. Heyax ran over to Zephyr, who shouted for him to look for an elderly dragonborn (Rishal).

About this time, Vivi got a bad - worse - feeling. Something is off, even considering the chaos of the moment.

Zephyr and Heyax searched through the rubble of shops, looking for Rishal, while I ran through Corellon's Crown to find Fala. Meanwhile, Vivi sent a sending to Renaer and warned him there was an explosion and he may be a target. While searching the remains of the Book Wyrm's Treasure, Heyax and Zephyr heard a gasping breath from above them. Vivi joined them and the trio made their way to the second floor, which trembled under their combined weight. With inspiration from Vivi, Heyax cleared rubble away to clear the way to Rishal, who was buried in it. Vivi spoke a word and brought Rishal back to consciousness while Heyax cleared more wreckage to free Rishal, who disappeared and reappeared in a cloud of bronze dust.

I heard Fala behind a door that was blocked by a pair of beams. My only real option was to blast at them with starstuff and thankfully, they split and partially cleared the door. I kept blasting at the beams, trying to make space for Fala to escape. After the beams were shattered, Fala somehow blasted the door apart and sent the thunder and shrapnel into me as well. Since Fala had freed herself, I ran downstairs, used the Lantern to consume more flames. Then I stepped through a magical tunnel back into the street.

We gathered in the street once everyone was safe and realized that the bodies in the street were a group of halflings that sometimes came to Trollskull Cavern. Looking at the body closest to the tavern, they're a bald human with a mass of scar tissue on his palm. It's got to be Krentz.

Light in the Sky: session 9

The other problem

Speaker Oarus Masthew of Termalaine sent a messenger to the Speaker of Lonelywood, telling them they needed to stop logging the forest or the attacks inside its borders would resume. This left the group time to investigate the training site Captain Rein used (located by Geren).

Ukira, Kithri and Grevekt stocked up on supplies while Allegra and Roathus left for Bryn Shander in persuit of their own goals.

Along the way to the camp, Ukira and Kithri could feel another storm on the way, predicting it would arrive by the end of the day.

It was a rough, cold hike but eventually the cabin appeared from the dark. The trio went inside to find that some of the furniture had been broken and parchments were everywhere - apparently it had been raided since Rein had been here last. However, Grevekt was able to piece together that Rein had made an arrangement with a tribe of Bear Tribe nomads to trade supplies for "something they found in the ice, near the Reghed glacier".

There weren't many comforts available in the cabin but the three made a fire with the broken furniture and settled in for the night.

Light in the Sky: session 8

The Lonely Wood

Oarus and Geren had two problems: the stories about a huge white beast attacking loggers in Lonelywood forest and suspicions about where Rein took her team for training. The group decided to trek into Lonelywood Forest and leave investigating Rein's campsite to the militia.

24 Nightal, 1489 DR

After resting for the night, the group hiked into the woods, using what little light there was. They weren't far into the woods when they found shapes built from sticks and bones hanging from the trees and symbols, which Kithri identified as Druidic and taken together, meant protected from logging.

They wound their way deeper into the forest and eventually encountered a rough wooden bridge crossing a river (long since frozen over). Both Kithri and Ukira had stepped out onto the bridge before anyone could tell that it was illusory, and sent Ukira crashing through the ice into the frigid waters!

The group scrambled back onto land and took some time to dry off and warm up by a fire. Unfortunately, while they waited, a thick fog rolled in followed by an intense downpour - heavy enough to douse the bonfire and soak the entire group to the bone.

While they figured out what was going on, two enormous, animated trees loomed over the group and began pummelling them brutally!

The others tried to stay alive while Kithri called out in Druidic for anyone listening. The trees held their assault (being badly splintered and burned, themselves) and a woman's voice cried back that they could have three days of peace to stop all logging in the forest.

After resting and drying again, the group left the forest and told Oarus what they discovered.

Orphans & Organizations: session 20

The reward for work well-done is more work

Aldwin's request of the lords was for 1,000 gold each month to Saint Laupsin's and for enough to get him safe, comfortable passage to an island for training. In gratitude, Aldwin offers his assistance whenever we're around and says that he'll tell everyone at Saint Laupsin's to provide healing for us as well. He departed and the table's attention turned to us.

Once Aldwin departed, Laeral Silverhand asked us if we wanted to place our requests or to hear what they had to say first? Azthoran thought it would be best to hear the lords out first and said so.

The Open Lord - and the others - are concerned about how that dragon came to be in the tournament at all. The city is supposed to be - and still is - warded against dragons. She told us about how Ahghairon (the first Open Lord of Waterdeep) used his staff to protect the city from dragons and still kept the ward active. Intrigued, Vivi asked if they knew where the staff was but the Open Lord and the Blackstaff could not recall - no matter how much they tried.

Renaer told the group that he'd been in touch with his father - Lord Neverember of Neverwinter - and that he was supposed to meet this person and that it would have something to do with his missing necklace. The one that Vivi took... Laeral jumped in and confirmed what we had suspected: that this was about the Grand Game.

The Open Lord continued, saying they couldn't participate themselves, since they are far too notable and would draw too much attention. Instead, they wanted us to be their proxies. We might just be citizens, but she pointed out that we are deeply active in the city. That we have investments - she looked at Vivi -, family - she looked at Azthoran - and work - to Zephyr - and then finally that some of us want to make a name for ourselves.

Azthoran asked about the sixth, empty, seat - it's for Davil Starsong. He offered to get in contact with Davil for the lords.

They asked the groups' requsts at that point. Azthoran asked for two "relatively easy-to-grant" requests: unrestricted access to the Magists' Guild's library and a gem containing tears. some concern about the reagent and have to register

Zephyr wanted to know how Ishtal escaped captivity and to learn where her friend Merrick is. Mirt told her that Ishtal talked a lot in captivity and that her association is known to the lords and isn't a problem for them. Ishtal was almost certainly ferried out of the city and safe, somewhere that Bregan D'aerthe operates. Mirt promised to look for Merrick and let Zephyr know what he finds out.

Finally, Vivi had her opportunity to make her request: a "permanent guest pass" to visit the griffons and help care and train for them. They are happy to let her visit the griffons, with the exception of the hatchlings (that need to imprint on their riders).

With the requests out of the way, the Open Lord formally asked the group if they would be players in the Grand Game and of course, they agreed. The lords couldn't offer too much assistance, lest they reveal their involvement.

Renear gives Zephyr a dagger with an obsidian blade and names it as a Blackfire Blade. It's potent equipment from the Griffon Riders' armory. Laeral called out Vivi's name and Mirt flicked something shiny at her: a Feather Ring. Vajra handed Azthoran a Lantern of the Rememberance.

On the way back, the group discussed - vaguely - what we thought of the lords' request. Azthoran remembered the sending stone he was given by Davil Starsong and sent a message: Checking in after Brightswords. Do you need assistance with anything? Mutual acquantainces mentioned they missed you at the winner's box.

And got a response: So I heard. Laying low. Be in touch.

Overdue rest

The night's activity in the tavern turned a profit of 145 gold and 7 silver. The group crashed, exhausted, from the day's events.

As Zephyr was sleeping, she came to partial consciousness and saw a spider. It was a very uncanny dodge.

Vivi heard various rumors on the wind that came to her, unbidden.

Azthoran had fitful sleep and a dream - or a vision? - he was in a field of constellations, and was himself a collection of stars. As the scene progressed, he realized that he was actually flame and was enclosed in glass. He heard the monk's chant echoing and repeating but sounded damning. The glass broke his flame expanded and grew while his vision faded.

Morning flames

19 Eleint

Vivi and Zeph heard a shout in the alley and looked out windows to see a thin figure with a wide-brimmed hat yelling after a bald, purple-cloaked figure was running toward the tavern. The figure was humanoid in outline but not in detail. They saw the thin figure make a gesture and then the alley was filled with fire! Vivi and Zeph were scorched and the alley was warped and ruined; The Bookwyrm's Treasure was a hollowed out shell.

Light in the Sky: session 7

Who Goes There?

With the unsettling fight behind them, the group took the disfigured bodies of Rein and her militia outside of town to bury them, before the rest of the town saw them an panicked. Ukira, Kithri and Roathus went back to collect the first bodies they encountered - the ones in the streets. Along the way, Ukira shared how she found a scene like this once before - for her clan. They, too, had been found dead but with places where someone clearly fell but their body wasn't there.

When they arrived, the blood that had pooled in the snow was gone! Instead, there was a web of tracks snaking through the snow, which they followed... back to the Eastside. Of course.

They went back inside and asked Marta if anyone had gone upstairs (where they fought earlier). One of the servers - Genny - had and was in a back room just then. When the group started talking to her, she was being very suspicious. When she tried to push her way out of the room, Ukira was blocking her.

When she realized that the didn't believe she didn't know anything, Genny's head split in half and grew entirely too many teeth and took a bite at Ukira! There was a short, horrifying and brutal fight that left Genny mutilated and very dead.

Allegra got worried that Marta was compromised too and magically disguised herself to be Genny, then called Marta back to "talk". The conversation quickly revealed that Marta was involved with whatever was going on and the group slew her, too.

They burnt these new bodies out in the street too, and carried them out of town to the grave with the others. Ukira declared that she hates this town.