Orphans & Organizations: session 23

The Nimblewright

On the way out of the tavern, Zephyr saw a young boy fiddling with a beaded instrument next to an older woman in a city guard tabard, who was pointing up toward where Zephyr saw one of the figures before the explosion. The trip to Blackstaff Tower was uneventful - once we got away from Trollskull Alley, the crowds got more relaxed.

As before, Blackstaff Tower clearly radiates energy but we're able to walk right in. Thankfully, Omra Oriqen is at the front desk again, writing with both hands. I asked her about the status of a delivery I was due - my membership to the Watchful Order and an unusual spell component. Omra checked in a register - while still writing with one hand - and was taken aback for a moment when she saw who had signed off on them.

Meanwhile, Zephyr went looking for the statue-thing we recalled earlier. It was difficult to tell what material it was made of: somewhere between copper and bronze. Inside, the metal plates, gears and moving parts were visible. Zephyr wondered aloud "does this thing move?" and the featureless face of the thing turned toward her. Then it tipped its wide-brimmed hat to her.

Omra got somewhat irritated and asked Zephyr not to touch the Nimblewright. She said it was there to help protect "us" and will also protect itself. I "wondered" aloud who could have made such a wonder; turns out it was from the House of Inspired Hands: more or less the temple of Gond.

We were curious, and went directly to the House of Inspired Hands, hoping to find out more about Nimblewright. Inside, there's an anvil and hammer instead of a lectern with a Dragonborn woman nearby in white and off-orange robes. When I asked about the magnificent Nimblewright I saw at Blackstaff Tower, she got defensive and wanted to know if I sought the knowledge for selfish reasons. Apparently there had been other prying eyes recently.

Vivi got the woman to admit the Nimblewright are fantastically expensive, on the order of 50,000 gold.

I created an illusion of a crashing of metal and the woman panicked and tried to get us to leave while she went to check on it. Outside, Heyax was injured when a mechanical bird flew into him!

We took the pices of the bird to Shallow's End, to talk about what happened at the House of Inspired Hands. Once seated, I focused the light from my Latern of Remembrance on the mechanical creature and used it to study its history:

I saw metal worked to make the creature, its face was an arrowhead with the tip broken off. The hands making it were ungloved and also metallic - thin and intricate.

It flew around a storage space, with books and crates, near a creature that seemed very similar to a Nimblewright. Most of its existence was spent in this area.

Then, most recently, it went from window to window until it flew through one and into Heyax.

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