Orphans & Organizations: session 25

Brawling in the Streets

I cast Detect Thoughts so that I could get some communication back from the mechanical being. When I asked about the mechanical bird, it seemed like its release was an accident. The Nimblewright make was not aware of any of the Nimblewrights that would have been in the North Ward that morning nor could they determine which of their creations it was from the mental image I sent it. They directed me toward the ledger and that the priests could tell us more.

We decided to try other avenues of investigation before confronting the priests again. Rather than clambering over and down the building again, I opened a crack in space and fell through, appearing on the street below. Heyax did his best to help Zephyr and Vivi climb back to the roof - hijinks ensued.

On the way back, we passed by a rougher tavern and in a bid to blend in with the belligerent locals, I accidentally spilled a drink on a dwarf. He tried to extort 10 gold out of me as compensation. We tried to intimidate him into backing off. I put three silver into the chest of one of the drunks and turned to leave. He used some sort of electric whip trying to stop me and things devolved into combat!

When we got back to the tavern, I used the sending stone to contact Davil:

A nimblewright was in Trollskull Alley today before the fire. I have an order ledger for nimblewrights, which includes Weirdbottle. Do you trust him enough?

There was no reply, which was unusual and suspicious. Exhausted, I went to bed.

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