Orphans & Organizations: session 26

The morning after

23 Eleint

What a day.

After awaking the next morning, Vivi checked out her window to see if there were any other figures on a building pointing toward Trollskull Alley. Instead of a nimblewright, she saw somethign stuck between shingles on a roof. With some magically-assisted jumping, she went and grabbed it: a torn part of a tabard, with the symbol of the House of Inspired Hands.

I used my Lantern of Remembrance to review the fabric's history: it was woven and pulled taut... pieces of metal and wood shaped together... a whoosh as fabric met metal... indistinct words in an agreement... pen on parchment, hands shaking... knife and fork on plate... exuberance and enthusiasm with a little smarminess... a sense of high and low, opposite ends working together: the fabric was there for something like that... open air... a necklace... a bead... a whistle... an explosion... a tear and then floating in the breeze.

If there was a meeting between high and low class, either the Zhentarim or Xanathar's Guild backed by nobility seemed like a likely pairing.

Vivi thought that her College of Whispers might have some information about the noble families from the nimblewright registry and also wanted to talk to Wren.

I thought there were too many connections to Weirdbottle and wanted to see if I could find Davil. At the Yawning Portal, Yagra is present and seemed upset to Heyax. When she saw me, however, she flew into a rage and grabbed me by the neck and shawl, saying that me and my group were the reason he's gone. Heyax and Zephyr made overt physical threats as I made a more veiled one - thankfully, Yagra relented and shoved me into a booth instead.

In between saying that it's because of us, Yagra told us that Davil was missing (or dead) after going to do something to surprise us. He had met with someone (meeting Mirt's description) and then went to steal something - without Yagra. She was upset because she was supposed to be his protection.

Yagra and Heyax seemed to hit it off after things had calmed down, too!

Vivi talked to Wren and found out that she had worked on nimblewrights before but said she couldn't create any real kind of magic the way Vivi does. However, she was working on a device to track nimblewrights! Vivi convinced Wren to let her test the device out and take notes.

In the interest of not leaving any of our group by ourselves, Heyax went with Vivi into the College to research the noble families from the nimblewright registry. Meanwhile, I studied by Book of Shadows and Zephyr practiced card tricks.

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