Orphans & Organizations: session 22


Zephyr and I quickly searched the closest bodies - I had the appearance of someone wearing Xanathar's Guild robes and found a pouch on Krentz along with 12 gold between the others, before I ran for an alley. Zephyr only searched Krentz and found a scroll, a knotted but cut string and a smoldering note. Meanwhile, Vivi ushered Rishal and Fala into the tavern and extended an offer to Heyax as well but he wanted to check on the Autum and Grimmen Bronzeleaf (who he was staying with). Heyax had to fight the crowd to get to get where he was staying and spotted the Guard approaching.

The Bronzeleaves were hungover from Brightswords but otherwise fine. They told Heyax that they could figure out rent for any days was gone when he got back.

Krent'z satchel contained 7 silver, 10 copper and jerky.

On his way back to the tavern, Heyax noticed five Guard members as well as two older looking people in Guard-colored robes.

The four of us retire to the common room upstairs and agree to offer Rishal and Fala rooms in the tavern - as well as Heyax, if he wants to participate in running the tavern. I suggested to Fala that if she wants to help the tavern serve tea, she would be welcome.

A short while later there was a knock at the door: a very tall human, with bags under his eyes, a sad van dyke and generally droopy appearance in a city watch tabard holding Small parchment and quill. Standing next to him is a smaller, guard with at least some dwarven ancestry wearing round, nearly opaque glasses and robes of purple and lavendar.

The taller human was Sgt Barnabaus Blastwind and the other was Saith Cromley.

Heyax, Vivi and Zephyr described the strange figures they saw before the conflagration to the guard.

  • dark-skinned halfling, who said "he got too far"
  • someone in a wide-brimmed hat
  • a hooded figure

After the guard left, we heard a series of thumps from above the tavern. Heyax, Vivi and Zephyr went to investigate, while I kept watch in the tavern. The trio found Renaer coming down the stairs - he didn't want to draw more attention to himself than necessary.

Renaer got nervous when we told him no one was here waiting for him already. We retired to the study to discuss further.

Zephyr looked through the items she picked up from Krentz. There was a note:

I do not care for what is underway in the city. The secreti
buse, no doubt partly my fault, could expand bey ____ e w
terdeep. Ensure safe delivery of the enclosed _____
d I will ensure your own safety far beyond the S ____ st.
- D.N.

I realized that the knotted string Zephyr found on Krentz was used to contain something and was cut free.

Vivi and Zephyr were talking about the strangers they saw before the detonation and I was reminded of the Magists' Guild where we met an ambidextrous quill-holder and statue that wasn't a statue (made of stone or wood or something) with a wide hat and seemed to contain gears.

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