Light in the Sky: session 13

they debrief about the flail. they don't believe it's connected to The Marker.

at town hall, they asked oarus if anything changed about rein recently - she started using the flail several months ago. they checked the logbook with oarus and found the record was pretty high-level

vernon braig has a sister who can take over the reliable supplier if needed. kara lives alone but has family in town

the group went to the reliable supplier and were flagged down by geren's man keeping watch. he was told that kara was inside when he got here and she hasn't left. before they can talk to him any more, he smothers his fire and leaves

while they talk, kara leaves the shop and starts going to the mine. kithri calls out to her by name and she tells them she has an errand to run at the mine. the gruop refuses not to accompany her, so they go together

grevekt gets suspicious and summons an icy talon to grab her

they kill the shit out of her, and knock her out. inside the earthen grasp, they hear loud snaps and breaks and 3 small balls of bone and tendos burst through the hand. grevekt sapping stings one and ukira burns the others. kara's head tries to flee separately and ukira burns that too

they think there's a lot of little things that can exist in a single body

bury body
search general store (show them how they got infected - via the marker)

  • what's the connection between everyone on the list? how long infected?
    • stored blood, body parts
    • definitely a roster then frost druid or go to bryn shander re: loross

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