Light in the Sky: session 14

actual session

they're wondering what the story is about everyone having gone missing?

they bring oarus to bury the body

grevekt nicks the key to the reliable supplier from kithri and goes alone to the store

  • finds scrolls of augury and continual flame
  • figurines of scrimshaw and wood - given to ukira and kithri
  • 40g gold dust
  • high quality paper and ink

oarus tells ukira and kithri that he can finish burying kara and they go to the reliable supplier

kithri checks the attic - nothing interesting, it's a work space

grevekt checks the desk in the bedroom and finds the ledger (below)

oarus takes the key and goes to talk to the braig family (about vernon's sister taking over the store). the party goes to the eastside for a meal and to discuss

  • they notice clyde is running the place and resembles marta (her father)


searching the reliable supplier

  • sketches of the marker
  • Kara was organizing enough supplies for 9 (the things) to take a trip out of town for at least a tenday
    • food, sleds to move more than they were going to take
    • they were going to bring the marker back to termalaine
  • "we can be warm! make us whole!"
  • order history for Genny and Marta after Rein's team came back

next time

speaker nimsy huddle (from lonelywood) sends a messenger to oarus & the party

  • she got the loggers to finally tell her that one of them accidentally killed a woman in the woods several months ago

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