Light in the Sky: session 15


they go back to ukira's and gather their things, grevekt uses the scroll of continual flame to hide the chardalyn flail in a permanent fire

travel to lonelywood:

  • kithri - keeping an eye on the trail - dirty 20 survival
  • grevekt and ukira keeping a lookout - 13 perception

on the road, "ambushed" by a chwinga that threw a snowball at ukira, who flattened it in return. the chwinga gave her a frozen berry (not poisoned)

nimsy asks them for help w/ the white moose and offers cookies to the group

  • kithri says it's not a moose, but a druid

killers of elven woman: pavel and cefrey, at the lucky liar

  • they got spooked by sounds in the forest
    • snorts and rustling of trees
  • pavel had his bow out and ready, loosed an arrow at the first sign of movement


Ravisin: "ask the hunters about Vurnis" (her sister, that was killed by a hunter

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