Orphans & Organizations: session 27

A Night at the Theater

We wanted to talk to Mirt as soon as possible, so Zephyr (attempted to) forge some tickets for us to get into the theater so we could make our way to his booth. None of us knew what the show was but it looked good enough anyway.

At the theater, a ticket-taker stopped Vivi but didn't see any cause to stop us. Vivi lead us near to Mirt's box and sent him a message; he was surprised but told us to come see him.

Mirt told us that the city guard could interview the deceased. Apparently they had spoken with Krentz - after his death - who was told something about an embezzlement scheme that involved Dagult Neverember (if not helmed by him). He also was told that the prize of the Grand Game was meant to be something extremely valuable.

"Those in money often seek power, or the other way around", Mirt told us when asked if the names had any particular meaning for him. He also told us that he wasn't sharing everything he knew with us for fear of the possibility of that knowledge being taken from us unwillingly.

I asked Mirt if he knew anything about a meeting that Davil took before his disappearance. Mirt told us that he Davil to reclaim something from the Castlelanterns, who had something that might become a problem down the line.

Mirt warned us to be very careful around the Gralhunds.

Weirdbottle's alliegence is apparently fast and short; Mirt wasn't sure where he was.

When we got back to the Tavern, Heyax saw Lif for the first time! And Fala had left us some delicious scones and tea - she might make a very good cook.

Vivi cast a sending to Davil Starsong - he was unable to respond but could cough in reply, proving he was still alive. We had two ideas about how to recover him:

  • pose as someone who wanted to get their hands on Davil
    • Flocksun's Zhentarim?
    • Xanathar's Guild?
  • go in and get him ourselves

Vivi sent a message to Mirt, informing him of Davil being alive and asking for advice. He told us not to sneak in unless absolutely necessary and that while coin wouldn't be of use to them but favors might.

24 Eleint

A cloudy day, chilly but warm enough. When we got to the Cassalanter's villa, the crowds gave us a wide berth and we spotted the city guard rushing around. The gates were open and we heard a voice shout: "find them and bring them back! Where are my children?!"

We can make this work for us! We can offer to save their kids in exchange for giving us Davil - they might even pay us for it!

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