Light in the Sky: session 12


After recovering from their near-death experiences in the tundra, the group safely made their way back to The Blue Clam in Termalaine. Once there, they got some food and drink from Vernon while Grevekt listened in on a couple miners' conversation. Apparently the kobolds were working hard and while they hadn't been welcomed with open arms, they were being more or less left alone.

They waited for Oarus at the tavern and after he had a quick meal, went back to town hall to talk with him. He didn't seem to know anything about The Marker, Rein's deal with the nomads, or Loross. All four agreed that they wanted more information, so they went to the militia headquarters that Rein used and searched for anything that could tell them more.

Like at her house, Rein had a logbook readily available and inside were entries showing that they had made the trade. The nomads left, following the reindeer back toward the glacier and Urth was still with them at the time. He seemed worried about outcasts from The Bear Tribe finding them - Rein's entry on this didn't seem interested one way or the other.

Unlike at Rein's house, however, there was also a hidden parchment! On it was a list of names:

  • ~~~~
  • ~~~~
  • ~~~~
  • Genny
  • Marta Peskryk
  • Kara Felosial

Underneath the names was written: MAKE US WHOLE

The group was still battered and exhausted from their trek through the wilds and decided to rest; they could confront Kara at her shop the next day.

26 Nightal, 1498 DR

When Kithri awoke the next day, she remembered the strange flail they found and felt certain that it could help her get more information about what to do next. She took her gloves off, held the weapon and went outside to meditate and pray over it. Instead of an answer, however, a light - like from her amulet - blinked inside Ukira's room, startling the barbarian, who went outside too, and checked on Kithri.

Kithri was furious at not receiving an answer and tried to convince the others to help her find out more about the strange flail. Ukira was concerned about the sharp change of focus in her friend and reminded Kithri that there were people who needed protecting here. Kithri reeled at Ukira's words and seemed to have a moment of clarity - she told the others about invasive thoughts about the importance of the flail as a conduit to Auril and how wanting to follow the winter goddess.

The moment passed and Kithri felt those thoughts coming back. Before they could claim her again, she tossed the flail toward the fire. Ukira kicked it the rest of the way in and stood between Kithri and it. Then Grevekt cast a spell that locked it in place in the fire!

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