Light in the Sky: session 11

Cold Light

With the blue light moving their direction, Grevekt was terrified and bolted away from it, forcing Kithri and Ukira to follow. The light slowly followed after them until the trio came upon a cluster of huge ice shards jutting from the frozen earth and hid among them. After a short wait, the light closed in on their trail and they could see it more clearly: a humanoid figure covered in a tattered cloak and clothing. The cone of light shone from under its hood while lesser lights bled out through other cuts in the fabric!

When the entity got close, Kithri tried to ask what they wanted from them but its reply was a concussive pummelling, so the group defended themselves. The struggle was savage and dangerous, leaving each of the three near unconsciousness. Once the creature fell motionless, the light shining from its body faded away, leaving an otherwise normal-looking human body.

Grevekt was able to stabilize Kithri and, not wanting to press on in such a bad state, Ukira carried Kithri back to Rein's training camp so they could all recover.

When kithri regained consciousness, they reviewed what they had learned at the research camp: the cairn would fit maybe five bodies, and someone had to pile the stones. The training cabin had space for six people. There might be one more of the shapeshifting things...

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