Light in the Sky: session 10

In from the cold

25 Nightal, 1498 DR

After resting overnight in Rein's cabin, the group travelled to the site where the milita met the nomads. When they arrived, they found several tents - all with slashes cut into the leather. Grevekt didn't want to take any chances and magically doubled the weight of two of the tents' support poles, collapsing them.

On the way to the largest tent, Ukira's torch revealed an area clear of snow and cenetered around a twelve- or thirteen-foot-tall sculpture of two ridged spirals twisted together. Grevekt used a cantrip to till the ground inside the area and showing it to be normal earthen soil; he touched it and it was warm!

Kithri and Grevekt moved into the area and when he approached the statue, his eyes get lost in the twists and spirals. He had to force himself to focus on taking notes again.

Meanwhile, Ukira looked around inside the large tent. After their recent experiences, Ukira looked around for blood and couldn't find any. Rein had a folio of notes inside describing how they got the artifact from the nomads - their leader was a man named Urth. They were trying to figure out how it worked and if they could amplify it to help Termalaine or even all of Ten-Towns. At first, the notes referred to the sculpture as "the artifact" but later, changed to calling it "The Marker".

Outside again, Ukira noticed a cairn on the ridgeline above the Marker that she thought had been pushed out from inside. Somewhere between 2 and 5 people could have been interred under it but no one was there anymore.

Kithri took the folio of Rein's notes and planned to give it to Oarus and Geren. Grevekt took some notes about the runes on the Marker and recognized them as Loross - the language of lost Netheril!

The day's meager light was long past and the three wanted to return to Termalaine. Along the trek, Ukira spotted a cold blue cone of light sweeping over the tundra toward them!

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