Orphans & Organizations: session 20

The reward for work well-done is more work

Aldwin's request of the lords was for 1,000 gold each month to Saint Laupsin's and for enough to get him safe, comfortable passage to an island for training. In gratitude, Aldwin offers his assistance whenever we're around and says that he'll tell everyone at Saint Laupsin's to provide healing for us as well. He departed and the table's attention turned to us.

Once Aldwin departed, Laeral Silverhand asked us if we wanted to place our requests or to hear what they had to say first? Azthoran thought it would be best to hear the lords out first and said so.

The Open Lord - and the others - are concerned about how that dragon came to be in the tournament at all. The city is supposed to be - and still is - warded against dragons. She told us about how Ahghairon (the first Open Lord of Waterdeep) used his staff to protect the city from dragons and still kept the ward active. Intrigued, Vivi asked if they knew where the staff was but the Open Lord and the Blackstaff could not recall - no matter how much they tried.

Renaer told the group that he'd been in touch with his father - Lord Neverember of Neverwinter - and that he was supposed to meet this person and that it would have something to do with his missing necklace. The one that Vivi took... Laeral jumped in and confirmed what we had suspected: that this was about the Grand Game.

The Open Lord continued, saying they couldn't participate themselves, since they are far too notable and would draw too much attention. Instead, they wanted us to be their proxies. We might just be citizens, but she pointed out that we are deeply active in the city. That we have investments - she looked at Vivi -, family - she looked at Azthoran - and work - to Zephyr - and then finally that some of us want to make a name for ourselves.

Azthoran asked about the sixth, empty, seat - it's for Davil Starsong. He offered to get in contact with Davil for the lords.

They asked the groups' requsts at that point. Azthoran asked for two "relatively easy-to-grant" requests: unrestricted access to the Magists' Guild's library and a gem containing tears. some concern about the reagent and have to register

Zephyr wanted to know how Ishtal escaped captivity and to learn where her friend Merrick is. Mirt told her that Ishtal talked a lot in captivity and that her association is known to the lords and isn't a problem for them. Ishtal was almost certainly ferried out of the city and safe, somewhere that Bregan D'aerthe operates. Mirt promised to look for Merrick and let Zephyr know what he finds out.

Finally, Vivi had her opportunity to make her request: a "permanent guest pass" to visit the griffons and help care and train for them. They are happy to let her visit the griffons, with the exception of the hatchlings (that need to imprint on their riders).

With the requests out of the way, the Open Lord formally asked the group if they would be players in the Grand Game and of course, they agreed. The lords couldn't offer too much assistance, lest they reveal their involvement.

Renear gives Zephyr a dagger with an obsidian blade and names it as a Blackfire Blade. It's potent equipment from the Griffon Riders' armory. Laeral called out Vivi's name and Mirt flicked something shiny at her: a Feather Ring. Vajra handed Azthoran a Lantern of the Rememberance.

On the way back, the group discussed - vaguely - what we thought of the lords' request. Azthoran remembered the sending stone he was given by Davil Starsong and sent a message: Checking in after Brightswords. Do you need assistance with anything? Mutual acquantainces mentioned they missed you at the winner's box.

And got a response: So I heard. Laying low. Be in touch.

Overdue rest

The night's activity in the tavern turned a profit of 145 gold and 7 silver. The group crashed, exhausted, from the day's events.

As Zephyr was sleeping, she came to partial consciousness and saw a spider. It was a very uncanny dodge.

Vivi heard various rumors on the wind that came to her, unbidden.

Azthoran had fitful sleep and a dream - or a vision? - he was in a field of constellations, and was himself a collection of stars. As the scene progressed, he realized that he was actually flame and was enclosed in glass. He heard the monk's chant echoing and repeating but sounded damning. The glass broke his flame expanded and grew while his vision faded.

Morning flames

19 Eleint

Vivi and Zeph heard a shout in the alley and looked out windows to see a thin figure with a wide-brimmed hat yelling after a bald, purple-cloaked figure was running toward the tavern. The figure was humanoid in outline but not in detail. They saw the thin figure make a gesture and then the alley was filled with fire! Vivi and Zeph were scorched and the alley was warped and ruined; The Bookwyrm's Treasure was a hollowed out shell.

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