Light in the Sky: session 8

The Lonely Wood

Oarus and Geren had two problems: the stories about a huge white beast attacking loggers in Lonelywood forest and suspicions about where Rein took her team for training. The group decided to trek into Lonelywood Forest and leave investigating Rein's campsite to the militia.

24 Nightal, 1489 DR

After resting for the night, the group hiked into the woods, using what little light there was. They weren't far into the woods when they found shapes built from sticks and bones hanging from the trees and symbols, which Kithri identified as Druidic and taken together, meant protected from logging.

They wound their way deeper into the forest and eventually encountered a rough wooden bridge crossing a river (long since frozen over). Both Kithri and Ukira had stepped out onto the bridge before anyone could tell that it was illusory, and sent Ukira crashing through the ice into the frigid waters!

The group scrambled back onto land and took some time to dry off and warm up by a fire. Unfortunately, while they waited, a thick fog rolled in followed by an intense downpour - heavy enough to douse the bonfire and soak the entire group to the bone.

While they figured out what was going on, two enormous, animated trees loomed over the group and began pummelling them brutally!

The others tried to stay alive while Kithri called out in Druidic for anyone listening. The trees held their assault (being badly splintered and burned, themselves) and a woman's voice cried back that they could have three days of peace to stop all logging in the forest.

After resting and drying again, the group left the forest and told Oarus what they discovered.

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