Light in the Sky: session 9

The other problem

Speaker Oarus Masthew of Termalaine sent a messenger to the Speaker of Lonelywood, telling them they needed to stop logging the forest or the attacks inside its borders would resume. This left the group time to investigate the training site Captain Rein used (located by Geren).

Ukira, Kithri and Grevekt stocked up on supplies while Allegra and Roathus left for Bryn Shander in persuit of their own goals.

Along the way to the camp, Ukira and Kithri could feel another storm on the way, predicting it would arrive by the end of the day.

It was a rough, cold hike but eventually the cabin appeared from the dark. The trio went inside to find that some of the furniture had been broken and parchments were everywhere - apparently it had been raided since Rein had been here last. However, Grevekt was able to piece together that Rein had made an arrangement with a tribe of Bear Tribe nomads to trade supplies for "something they found in the ice, near the Reghed glacier".

There weren't many comforts available in the cabin but the three made a fire with the broken furniture and settled in for the night.

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