Light in the Sky: session 7

Who Goes There?

With the unsettling fight behind them, the group took the disfigured bodies of Rein and her militia outside of town to bury them, before the rest of the town saw them an panicked. Ukira, Kithri and Roathus went back to collect the first bodies they encountered - the ones in the streets. Along the way, Ukira shared how she found a scene like this once before - for her clan. They, too, had been found dead but with places where someone clearly fell but their body wasn't there.

When they arrived, the blood that had pooled in the snow was gone! Instead, there was a web of tracks snaking through the snow, which they followed... back to the Eastside. Of course.

They went back inside and asked Marta if anyone had gone upstairs (where they fought earlier). One of the servers - Genny - had and was in a back room just then. When the group started talking to her, she was being very suspicious. When she tried to push her way out of the room, Ukira was blocking her.

When she realized that the didn't believe she didn't know anything, Genny's head split in half and grew entirely too many teeth and took a bite at Ukira! There was a short, horrifying and brutal fight that left Genny mutilated and very dead.

Allegra got worried that Marta was compromised too and magically disguised herself to be Genny, then called Marta back to "talk". The conversation quickly revealed that Marta was involved with whatever was going on and the group slew her, too.

They burnt these new bodies out in the street too, and carried them out of town to the grave with the others. Ukira declared that she hates this town.

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