Light in the Sky: session 6

The Captains

Oarus took the letters detailing Captain Rein's corruption they found in her house and, accompanied by the party (and Trex), went to show them to the other militia captains. Captain Calston already disliked Rein and was happy to have a concrete reason to demote her. Captain Geren had never been inclined to participate in what they consider "political matters" and told Oarus they didn't want to get involved.

Before the group could make it to the remaining captain (Captain Lunaren), they stumbled into a pair of face-down bodies in the snow! Blood had pooled in two other spots nearby as well. Ukira didn't think they had been there long - maybe a couple hours. Kithri found a broken piece of something that looked like ice but felt like metal.

Following a trail through the snowy streets lead them to The Eastside - the main inn for travelers. Inside, the common room was relatively crowded but Captain Rein wasn't in sight. Allegra asked the innkeeper - Marta Peskryk - if she had seen the captain; she told Allegra that Rein and the others were at a table upstairs.

As soon as Captain Rein saw Oarus, she (and the two militia members with her) started attacking! As they started taking wounds, their bodies began to warp and distend - their voices even modulated in strange distoritions! Rein fled through the window of one of the rooms upstairs onto the roof and to the street below. Roathus and Ukira didn't let her get away though, and killed her before she could lose them.

Disturbed by what they saw, Oarus ran to bring Captain Geren to show them the horrifying bodies.

While they waited, Kithri noticed one of the spikes on Captain Rein's flail was broken off and matched the shard she had found earlier. Intrigued by the unusual substance, she took the weapon.

When Captain Geren arrived, they immediately agreed that not only was Rein a danger but that their actions were more than justified in defense of Termalaine. They burnt the bodies but when Roathus and Ukira collected the other militia members' bodies, they noticed the blood from their injuries was gone.

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