Orphans & Organizations: session 18


Aldwin lead the way into the arena as we were called. A manticore is released to fight us! The fight was quick and brutal - Aldwin took a manticore spike to his collarbone while Vivi was savagely clawed. After the creature was defeated, we were escorted from the stadium to rest and prepare for the next round.

Once the initial healing from the tournament officials was applied, Vivi started scouting the other teams, trying to size up their participants. Meanwhile, Zephyr snuck past the clerics to watch other teams' matches.

The group that followed us had one of their number dangerously wounded that had to be revived after their round. They did win their match, however.

Another group fought against something that Zephyr described as a blue dragon! The group was almost entirely armed with melee weapons and fell to the creature's lighting breath. One of the fallen was beheaded and eaten by the dragon(kin?).

The next group forfeited after seeing the slaughter from the round before.

In the next phase of the tournament, we were matched against a team called The Lizardfolk from the Undermountain. They started the match hidden inside a cloud of fog, which would have seemed unfair if I hadn't disguised myself as a Tiefling warrior-monk as a bit of misdirection.

Thanks to some effective use of summoned thorns filling a choke point, The Lizardfolk put up a much better fight than the manticore. Ultimately though, we were victorious and left the arena to prepare for the third round.

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