Light in the Sky: session 3


21 Nightal 1489 DR

The group briefly struggled against the specter and left it as nothing more than evanescing ectoplasm. Afterword, Kithri searched through the satchel to discover it contained samples of mosses, herbs, lichens and cuttings of shrubs - all native to Icewind Dale. She took enough to create a makeshift Healer's Kit and Grevekt took the rest of the satchel.

Trex couldn't remember anything that had happened since his tribe stumbled into a corpse during a blizzard near Kelvin's Cairn. He did want his tribe to live in town and work in the mine, so the group took him to Termalaine's town hall to negotiate with Oarus.

On the way to town hall, Allegra noticed some (heavily bundled) figures standing out on the street that left as soon as they got near. The group was extremely suspicious and followed one of the figures across town to a building bearing the mark of the Termalaine militia.

Once back at town hall, Ukira also noticed shadows moving on the roof of the building as they entered through a side door. Inside, Trex convinced Oarus to let the kobolds stay. Then Roathus convinced Oarus that he was in imminent danger from the militia captain Captain Mara Rein.

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