Light in the Sky: session 4

Mutiny Management

21 Nightal 1489 DR

The group convinced Oarus to meet up with Captain Rein to see if they could head off whatever the militia had planned for him. They decided to go to the Blue Clam for this meeting since it's more neutral ground.

Once there, they got a table and sent a messenger to find Captain Rein. While they waited, Grevekt found a hunter in the tavern and followed him when he left. Just outside, he called out for the hunter to wait and the specter - previously thought defeated in the gem mine! - left Grevekt's body and possessed the hunter instead. Grevekt wandered back into the Blue Clam in a daze and eventually the others realized that he was in a bad way and also that he no longer had the satchel.

The group didn't want to let the being free and resolved to burn the satchel. They left Trex with Oarus and followed the hunter's trail north, into the forest, racing an incoming blizzard. As they continued following the trail, they found other - much larger - trails as well. They followed the trail into a clearing, where they were ambushed by a trio of crag cats. Roathus was gravely wounded but two of the beasts fled and the group slayed the third. Since the storm was bearing down on them, Kithri marked their location on a map and they turned back for Termalaine - they made it back to town just as the storm caught them.

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