Light in the Sky: session 5

Breaking and Entering

The group went back to the Blue Clam to find out how his conversation with Captain Rein went. She didn't admit to anything but didn't back down from him either. Rein gave him an ultimatum: get rid of the kobolds in two days or she would do what he couldn't. After catching the party up, Oarus offered them 75 gold to get Captain Rein to stop being a problem.

Since Oarus had mentioned that Captain Rein challenged him over (repeatedly) declining a trade agreement with Targos, the group wanted to find out if she had been in contact with Speaker Maxildanarr. They found her house and Kithri's druidic magic let her crawl in through the chimney in the form of an arctic weasel. She unlocked the door and let in Allegra and Grevekt, who helped search for evidence. While they were investigating, Allegra stole a pile of coins and a few gems from Rein's desk.

Letters on Rein's desk showed that she was in touch with Speaker Maxildanarr - not only was she trying to establish that trade agreement but she would have Maxildanarr's support to replace Oarus as speaker.

When Oarus got the letters, he started getting ready to show them to the other militia captains to oust Rein from the militia.

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