Light in the Sky: session 1

Cold Open

21 Nightal 1489 DR

After a dangerously frigid night sacrificing warmth to Auril, most of Termalaine gathers in the morning in either the Blue Clam or the Eastside to huddle by their fires. Our characters are no different:

Roathus Almarssen: a begruding cleric
Allegra Allamarcia: a tavern server turned bard
Ukira "Wayfinder" Tuuluuwaqsiku: a protective barbarian
Kithri Windrivver: a druid trying to unify the Tribe of the Wolf
Grevekt: a wary mage in hiding

They made some small talk with the owner of the Blue Clam - an orcish man named Vernon Braig - and complained about the sacrifices in Ten-Towns being unreasonable. The tavern was slowly warming up; every time someone came into the building, freezing wind rushed back in.

The town's Speaker was a chatty half-orc named Oarus Masthew, whose long hair is pulled back in a tail. After the tavern finally warmed up, he came in from the cold and spotted the characters - by far the best-armed people in the room, maybe even the town. There has been trouble in the gem mines, and Oarus has offered a bounty of 50 gold to anyone who could rid of the kobolds who have moved in.

Grevekt worked in the mines and Allegra was eager to get coin too, so the group left immediately for the mines. On her way out, however, Allegra noticed that Oarus was avoiding a member of the militia while he walked through the tavern.

Into the tunnels

The hike there sapped their warmth left from the Blue Clam and they arrived at the mine's entrance to see a calligraphied sign stating Kobolds only!.

Disregarding the sign, the characters entered the mine to find reptilian and oversized rodent tracks in the dust. They followed the tracks to a cavern containing a small river and two giant, aggressive rats. Roathus and Ukira felled the animals quickly, but not before Roathus was bitten savagely.

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