Orphans & Organizations: session 16


18 Eleint

The morning was cool and crisp, with vendors setting up outside. The High Road, between Sulmore Street and Selduth Street were where a lot of things were, but most activity happened in the Market. From there, one could go over to Julthoon Street to see the gladitorial games.

The gladitorial games were updated every year to keep entrants coming in. Last year, it was an obstacle course, won by a "young" elf named Moltaire. The prize was 2500 gold!

We reasoned that supplies for the tavern will average 120 gold per tenday.

Laeral Silverhand - the Open Lord - was present, herself, at the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony payed a lot of thanks to the watch and griffon riders. She said that she'd like to say more about the games but instead handed off to the Warden: Elminster. He said the games will be a "showcase of combat", with three rounds. The first and third against an entity of their choosing. The second round would be against one of the other teams.

Syldaral Halwinter was introduced as Elminster's retiring right-hand person, and a griffon rider.

Maximum team size of five. Anyone was able to participate and sign-up was around noon. Pairing could be provided and healing was provided after the first round - after the second round, it would be minimal. Resurrections were provided at a nominal (250 gold) fee. Signing up was 50 gold per participant. The games would begin a few hours before sundown, with lighting provided.

They were introducing "versatility" to the reward this year; any and all victors would be allowed to choose a reward, as a team:

  • 4000 gold
  • an item carried by the griffon cavalry
  • a favor from the Open Lord

Passing the first round granted 100 gold each, and the second grants 200 gold.

We'd like to keep the final prize to ourselves if possible and decided to ask Renaer if he thinks we should recruit more. We realized that we didn't know how to contact him so decided to ask Mirt if he knew where to find him; a guard near the stage happened to be at the soft opening of the tavern and was willing to tell us where to find Mirt.

Mirt didn't want to simply tell us how to contact Renaer, however. Instead, he challenged Vivi to a magical pie-eating contest, where each pie had a different magical effect. I told Vivi that I had full confidence in her (using it as an opportunity to cast Guidance).

Vivi's first pie turned into a greasy, magical jam, that went down easily. The second pie ate ok but once it was in Vivi's stomach, it exploded, complete with billowing smoke. The third pie tasted like a normal pie. Zephyr cheerlead for Vivi on the fourth pie but Vivi couldn't get through it. Fortunately, Mirt's fourth pie doubled in size, stopping him also. Vivi managed to take a final bite to pull ahead of Mirt, who tipped his hat in consession. Ultimately, a small human girl was the winner.

He said that he owed her some information...

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