The Storm King's Thunder: session 22

Uninvited guests

With shiny new mithral equipment and their questions answered by the Eye of Annam, the party flew their castle out over the Sea of Swords and toward Maelstrom. Along the way, Maalora continued training Cinderhild on how to use her ballista. Once they were near Maelstrom, Corvyn used the Conch of Teleportation they acquired from Duke Zalto to bring them all into Maelstrom proper.

They appeared on an enormous run in a gently glowing cavern and, following music echoing from above, entered into a lounge filled with giants! The performers - Mirran and Nym - turned out to be the sisters of the regent - Serissa - and the others were most of what remained of King Hekaton's court.

Bryn and Maalora snuck around the stronghold and found what appeared to be the king and queen's tower, guarded by what had to have been the worst guard available.

Meanwhile, Sashura appealed to Braxow, the stone giant seer to support the party because they're enacting the will of the giant gods (and Lathander).

Ghore picked a fight with Jarl Hellenhild and tossed her on her back, earning both her consideration and attention! He spent the rest of the evening with her, as well...

Corvyn chatted with Vaal, trying to feel him out but the conversation didn't amount to much.

At that point, the storm giant princesses finished their performance and Mirran announced that it was time for their uninvited guests to leave. Corvyn asked them to let the party stay and that they'd be happy to wait until an audience with Serissa could be arranged. Mirran was furious at this but Nym stepped in and allowed them to stay in guest chambers.

Guards escorted the party back downstairs to Cinderhild's guest chamber but rather than be escorted to chambers sized for small folk, the party insisted they would stay with Cinderhild. If the guards had a problem with that, they could tell Serissa and she could deal with it.

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