Orphans & Organizations: session 15

The story of the cave

The monk(?) has a pleasant smile and calming demeanor. He said he's defended himself recently after trying to talk to those who've tried to attack him. Vivi told him that we hoped to warn him and he cut out again to say Evil grows more paranoid and less patient, daily. They will strike when no one is ready.

After showing him the note I found, he was interrupted again and repeated nobody is who they seem yet they will reveal themselves to those who pry enough several times, during which I cast Detect Thoughts. The thoughts reminded me of sea salt and the Mask of Many faces, as they shift between images. I tried to pry deeper but lost my connection to the thoughts.

I realized that we hadn't exchanged names and introduced myself. The monk intoruced himself in return as Halam. He said that he's felt an inner schism and was trying to mend it. He'd come across beings that can interpose upon peoples' dreams, which seemed to line up with what's happening to him.

One of the notes from Halam's attackers instructed them to bring him back alive. I asked him if the note said where they were supposed to bring him, having a terrible great idea. One did say "home base".

Halam told us the Peryoton - the antlered flying beasts - are most active at night.

Apparently, three separate entities wrote the instruction notes.

We asked him about his chant about the eyes and Halam seemed concerned.
One eye: trolls, cyclops, abominations? Four eyes? He didn't know. Ten: he said was more straightforward about Xanathar's Guild and recommend we avoid the interest of beholders. Borrowed eyes: illusion, a doppleganger or something more gruesome?

Halam agreed to let us know at the Tavern if his meditation on all of this reveals any wisdom and Vivi asks him if there's a safe shortcut down the mountain, and there is! It exited into Fetlock Court.

The route looked a little treacherous but we all make it down successfully. On the way, I used the sending stone to update Davil More information - their next target has been unsuccessfully attacked by several organizaitons. If those persist, there may be other groups attacking elves soon also.

After a couple minutes, I recieved a reply: Well, that's good to hear. Which next target? Another elf? By the way, your previous quary already escaped. Next time, let's keep it in house please.

Vivi hired someone to clean the peryoton skulls and antlers and mount them next to the troll skull. We finished the evening by continuing to prepare for our opening the next night.

When we arrived at the Tavern, there was a note on the door from Volo saying that he was going to be out of town, and possibly the plane, for a while researching for a book. He apologized for any lack of funds and there were five bags, containg 100 gold each.

Furthermore, Fala said she scared someone away from the coin purses also. This individual had come up to our door several times in the past tenday. Each time they wore a frayed crimson hooded cloak. She didn't know who they are or where they're from but it seemed really suspicious. Fala agreed to let us know if and where she sees them again.

Soft Open

Arabis was the first one to arrive on our soft opening. I welcomed her in draconic and told her that all of us would be happy to help her with Common, as she wished. Baraht arrived next and Davavor showed up about half an hour before opening.

Vivi visited Wren to the smell of burning and received a hand crossbow! It uses a clip of four bolts and while well-aimed shots will damage the target further, it could also jam, preventing it from firing unless cleared.

People started to filter into the tavern. It wasn't packed but at several points, all the seats were filled.

  • Zephyr was barbacking, managing her homebrew and alcohol supplies. Things got away from her a bit and she got in the way at points. (-5)
  • Vivi cast Enhance Ability (Eagle's Splendor) on Lif and performed to entertain the crowd. When Lif looked jittery, she played tunes he enjoyed to help him shine. (+5)
  • I spent the evening moving around, looking for potential trouble spots: empty glasses, missing glassware, soothing tempers and boosting morale, etc. (+15)

Renaer and Floon stopped by and gave me a signed (cover and inside both) copy of Volo's Guide to Monsters. I say hello and well met to make sure the pair of them feel welcome and make sure that Vivi knows Renaer wants to speak to her.

Vivi's acquantance, Threestrings, stopped by and tries to distract her and throw off her mood in between sets. He told Vivi that he's heard rumors about her entering a new line of business. He offered to trade tales with Vivi and tapped his tunic in a way that revealed a small silver harp pin.

Rishal and Fala were seated together, trying desperately to make small talk. As they drank more, they started talking about the philosophy of sourcing paper and the ethics of doing so. They got sloppy drunk and made peace after talking through the conflict about scroll paper.

Yagra was cleaning up in arm wrestling and stared down Zephyr, calling her out. I told Zephyr not to hurt herself in a contest with Yagra and cast Guidance on her. Zephyr tried to challenge Yagra to cards, unsuccessfuly, and had to settle for finding another victim for Yagra. There was a group of off-duty guard members arm wrestling among each other - one of them is particularly drunk and eagerly agrees to challenge the mercenary. They out-raised each others' bets until two stacks of 20 gold were stacked on the bar. After a few moments, Yagra mechanically levered the guard's arm down and collected the coin. The dwarf seemed to enjoy the whole experience and started chatting Yagra up and what's more, she actually enjoyed it!

Once Vivi has a break, Renear told Vivi that his father reached out about the Grand Game. He sent a Waterdeep native to give something to Renear and needs a secluded place to meet and would like it to be Trollskull Tavern. He invited VIvi - and the rest of us - to sit in on that meeting. Naturally, Vivi agreed to host them.

Vivi asked after Floon and Renear said he was concerned. Floon wasn't really himself, he said that something was still with him. He said that Floon seemed to be constantly listening to everything around him but couldn't be convinced to talk much. Is he the borrowed eyes?

Overall, we came away with a profit of 110 gold! After Mirt's cut, that leaves 99 gold. We decided to split Volo's payment to 150 gold each with 50 for the tavern fund.

The next day would be Brightswords!

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