The Storm King's Thunder: session 21

Questions answered

The party ended up basically adopting Cinderhild after successfully raiding Ironslag and turning it over to the dwarves of Citadel Felbarr and the Xorlarrin exiles.

They flew Ironslag's mithral doors back to Citadel Felbarr and used one as raw material for equipment and the other as payment for the crafting and enchanting.

After spending a couple tendays recovering, fitting their new gear and training Cinderhild to use a "crossbow" (read: a ballista).

While preparing to go to Maelstrom, the group took another visit to the Eye of Annam. There, they found the body of their fallen friend, Harshnag, where he apparently fell holding off a blue dragon so they could escape. They performed funeral rites for Harshnag and vowed vengeance upon the dragon!

Cinderhild took the greatsword from the statue of Surtr and used it to open the portal to the oracle. Inside, they asked more questions and learned:

  • the castle won't fit into the destination for their Conch of Teleportation
  • Maelstrom can't easily be reached from the castle
  • Queen Neri was slain by adherents of an ancient kraken
  • the dragon that killed Harshnag is hidden in Maelstrom
  • Cinderhild can remake the Ordning with Fire Giants supreme by claiming the Wyrmskull Throne for her own

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