Orphans & Organizations: session 8

Job's done

Last day of the job for the dungsweepers - a tenday from a holiday.

Az and Gwen go to send some letters. Zephyr gives a letter to Az to drop at the post as well.

At the day's job, there are a new set of dungsweepers - a pair of twin(?) half-orcs who are very intense about their work named Siku and Tan.

The guard work is boring and after some time, Vivi notices an apparent robbery in progress: a couple humans and a dwarf pushing a halfling around. The halfling gets pushed down and one of the humans runs into the building behind him and runs back out carrying something.

Zephyr, Gwen and Farah go see what's going on - Farah stopping to check on the halfling - while Vivi and Azthoran stay put watching over the dungsweepers. Gwen threatens to beat the shit out of the thieves, who give their stolen loot up without a struggle.

Personal tasks

The halfling's name is Cloret and is so grateful that he offers them a 20% discount on anything* in the store: Balthor's Rare and Wondrous Treasures.

Azthoran talks to Yagra at the Yawning Portal about Zhentarim faction stuff. The three-headed serpent faction is still using the Zhentarim name but is acting more like Xanathar's thugs, damaging the good public name of the guild. Urstil is a name Yagra has heard attached to all this.

Yagra hasn't been able to talk to Davil Starsong (head of the Zhentarim in Waterdeep, and a relatively public face) recently, either.

Zephyr starts setting up to brew craft beers in Trollskull Manor. If it goes well, she can probably get away with selling it for a couple tendays before the Brewmaster's Guild comes calling. Then she'll need to pass a quick test and pay dues from then.

Gwen paints Trollskull Manor a fresh coat of cyan, saving us 75 gold from the total: 1100 gold.

Vivi talks to her family about how to run a tavern. This saves ?? gold initially: 1070 gold remaining.

Azthoran tries to go to nearby taverns and tries to push the public to want a new tavern. Several attempts get him thrown out (a natural 1 and 2) but a couple go rather well. One at a bar for offduty Guard members and one at The Silent Shield - a sanctuary bar. People can stash things and people here. Neutral ground, not under the wing of any of the guilds or anything. We seed demand for another tavern that's neutral ground.

Pay me!

On 12 Eleint we go back to Blackstaff Tower to get paid. The Blackstaff can't meet with us and we're met by Garlan instead. They claimed not to expect five of us and Azthoran explains that the Blackstaff didn't limit it to just those present. For the unexpected difficulty of the task, we're given a total of 600 gold to split.

Vivi tells him that Stooge - Renard Maneim - has a fortune-stealing amulet. Gwen says she doesn't believe that we were hired just to watch some random Dungsweepers and there has to be more to it. Garlan acknowledges that there is more to it and that they suspect there's faction interference at play.

Azthoran asks if the Grey Hand have access to extra resources - libraries, etc. Garlan replies that the trial for the Grey Hand was only for Gwen but could include Azthoran if he was interested. He said not to worry and Garlan suggested he look to the library run by the Watchful Order.

As the information Gwen was promised, she hands him a piece of paper with a name of a person to find. The person was part of the Lord's Alliance team that was pulled from this task. Isn't life funny that way?! Garlan offers to let Gwen know as soon as the team is back in the city.

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