The Storm King's Thunder: session 13

Barbarians at the Gate

The session starts with a fiery red pebble flying past the party's heads, toward the barbarians ahead. When it arrives, it explodes, covering the warriors in flames. Once they realized they were under attack, they turned and rushed the party.

After a short melee, the Great Worm barbarians were all killed leaving the party winded but all right overall. Ghore skinned the barbarians' pet white dragon wyrmling, and is planning on making armor from it.

The next chamber - beyond the gates which the defeated barbarians were pounding on - housed seven enourmous statues. One, in the center, even larger than the others, surrounding it.

Harshnag told the adventurers that the statues are:

Annam: the all-father
Grolantor: god of hill giants, holding a bone club
Skoraeus Stonebones: god of stone giants, holding a boulder
Thrym: god of frost giants, holding... nothing?
Surtur: god of fire giants, holding an iron greatsword
Memnor: god of cloud giants, holding a mithral spear
Stronmaus: god of storm giants, holding an adamantine trident

Inside the chamber is an archway, lined with runes representing the kings of giants, and filled with a magical mist, radiating conjuration magic. The party decided to continue exploring the complex and come back to the archway after, since they believe it to be a teleportation device.

South of the statue chamber is a feast hall, where Corvyn stumbled into a Remorhaz! The fight was dangerous and frightening but the party made it through - needing a long rest in the aftermath.

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