The Storm King's Thunder: session 14

The Eye of the All Father

Before interacting with the arch, the party decided to investigate to the north of the temple chamber. There were two floors of what appeared to be guest housing for visiting giants. After getting part of the way through the hall of guest chambers, Alun set off a trap that sent a boulder rolling through the hall! The party all managed to hide in the guest rooms while the boulder passed and a statue of a hill giant pushed it back into place. After that, the party searched the rest of the rooms and found a Shard of the Ise Rune.

After some extended trial-and-error back in the temple chamber, the party managed to activate the archway and went through it to another chamber, which Harshnag called the Eye of Annam. They asked the oracle six questions:

Questions to the oracle

1: How do we restore the ordning? Use a conch to go to King Hekaton's court, root out the evil there.
2: How do we get a conch? They are held by the leaders of King Hekaton's court.
3: Where is King Hekaton? Unknown?! Talk to Serissa, at her father's court. She needs their help too.
4: Where are the giant chiefs?
5: How can we befriend who's necessary in court so we can survive negotiation? Court is in chaos, they can do whatever they would like, basically.
6: Any of the giants help us willingly? Duke zalto, maybe?

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