Orphans & Organizations: session 3

The Grand Game

Make it sound like we were attacked by three kenku and that we think more just broke in (and that they were the cause of the alarm). We're happy to see the guard and hopefully they can save us.

Tell them that I was supposed to receive a shipment but when it didn't come I got worried. Since this is a rough part of town I hired some guides and protection and came to ask what the problem was. Good thing too because those kenku thugs almost killed me!

Farah makes herself appear like Floon(?) using disguise self and affects a nasal accent. She convinces the guard to escort her away while the rest of them investigated the warehouse.

Renear had a locket taken from him by the Zhentarim and went back into the warehouse to get it. He was emotional about not getting it. He does offer more information to help us find Floon once we reach a safer place. Gwen stops at The Sleepy Owl to get sausages and salt-sprinkled bread. I got a round of ales and a combo platter of bread and cheese.

The Grand Game is how the nobles exert influence over who becomes Open Lord and which families are in power as a form of enjoyment. I hadn't heard of a game happening recently but Renear suspects his father is involved in one. There have been Open Lords who have been compromised or installed by criminal organizaitons before. Renear wouldn't be surprised if his father ignored the orders of his exile if something were to happen to Renear.

I asked Renear about the Stone of Golorr. The Stone is a way to hide a secret, a password or piece of knowledge if it has all three of its eyes. It was (or is) a possession of his father's. Renear privately reaches out to his contacts about the Stone.

Gwen asks if Renear would inquire about a mercenary named Octavia Longspear.

The bulge in the papers Vivi took from the Zhentarim warehouse is a small, hexagonal shape.

In the sewers, we found the symbol of Xanathar's Guild. The first one has 8 stalks with circles and only 7 of them have dots in the circles. We heard a creature in the sewer and I tried to sneak up on it. I failed miserably and Gwen murdered the shit out of it.

We hid in a room, using two minor illusions to hide the entryway. Patroling goblins saw through the top-of-the-wall illusion and tried to "climb" through the wall, falling on their faces. Gwen quickly killed both of them.

In some dingy sleeping quarters, we heard something say "help me hold this door back". It was the leader of the assault on Yagra at the Yawning Portal (session 1).

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