The Storm King's Thunder: session 7

The Mists

The Cold Wind, while not becalmed on the Sea of Swords, is instead beached along the shore of the Dessarin River. The party pays the ship's captain (with a little extra for their trouble) while Ghore almost singlehandedly gets the ship back into safe waters.

Meanwhile, Corvyn is held back in the Feywild by Tana where she makes it very clear to him that he is to kill the wizard. She likes Faerun the way it is and doesn't want anyone making these kinds of drastic changes. Bryn lingered behind to listen in while Maalora watched out for more aggresive natives of the Feywild.

Sashura, Ghore and Alun start on the Stone Trail to Westbridge, where they expect they'll meet up with the others. Along the way, the cloud cover gets thicker and fog starts rolling in. As they hiked, the three were moving in one of the last remaining shafts of sunlight, which Sashura attributed to Lathander's protection. All along the way, they could see a cloud giant castle floating over Westbridge, with giant birds bearing riders coming and going.

Upon arriving in Westbridge, the streets were abandoned and the sky a dark, cloudy night even though it should only be early evening. A nervous-looking halfling poked his head out of the inn's door, gesturing for the adventurers to hurry inside. Once safely inside, he introduced himself as Herivin Dardragon, the proprietor of the Harvest Inn.

Alun offers to play at the inn for room and board for the three, an offer which Herivin accepts. The crowd is almost entirely unmoved by Alun's performance, though.

Sashura and Ghore talk to a couple wolf hunters, Stoldar and Yevgany, who aren't from Westbridge. Or, for that matter, Faerun. While talking to them, Ghore catches sight through a window of where the cloud giant Fulminore's castle was floating above the town and instead sees a castle atop a mountain surrounded by a large curtain wall, covered in gargoyles and spires.

Stoldar closes the window, spits and curses "the devil". Sashura hires Stoldar and Yevgeny to bring the party to that castle, which Stoldar identifies as Castle Ravenloft.

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