Orphans & Organizations: session 2

Meeting Renear

Sawmill Silverfingers - the dwarf - is shady af. Wanted a boxing match or a game of savaa to give us information. Azthoran sort of volunteered Gwen for the fistfight, which she handily won even though Sawmill tried to cheat. Zephyr stole one of his rings as punishment.

Farah saw Zephyr nick the ring and talked to her.

The redhead Floon met didn't have any grey in his hair.

Dagult Neverember (brunette) exiled after being blamed for a series of grotesque murders, replaced by Laeral Silverhand as Open Lord of Waterdeep. Other redhead that Flun met was Dagult Neverember's son - has friends in high places. Political mover and shaker.

Floon and Renaer Neverember spent some time around a warehouse on Candle Lane - marked by a snake symbol.

Farah is a follower of the Trickster, trying to make her home (the Dock Ward) a better place by helping those in need.

Zephyr trying to better her own situation by capitalizing on Renaer's involvement.

I told the group about the safehouse and we arranged to meet at the Yawning Portal in the morning.

The safehouse is empty, save for a dozen bodies. Five in black and tan, seven in black and purple. One of the black and purple wearers has a tattoo on their palm of a circle with 10 spokes, each with circles on the end - the symbol of the Xanathar Guild.

Farah pieced together than the symbol with the beholder she stole from Xoblob's purple shop.

Something echoed back Farah's laugh from when she realized that.

A bunch of kenku (in green and purple) pop up and attack us! The last one alive repeats "Tie up the pretty boy in the back rooms"

When asked what happened: "Xanathar sends its regards"

Asking after Ur'gray One-hand, it says "Follow the yellow signs in the sewers".

When Gwen kills it, it says "No time to..."

One of the Zhentarim corpses had a note: "Find the stone, ask the son"

I found a secret door in the back room of the safehouse, containing four paintings (Neverwinter, Silverymoon, Baldur's Gate and Luskan) and 5 hefty corroded silver bars.

Another secret door smelled like sour fish and vinegar, hiding a man who just freed himself from bindings on his wrists: Renear Neverember.

Renear said he talked to the Zhentarim about the Stone of Golorr, who were looking for the Stone and thought he had it.

He was captured by Zhentarim while drunk with Floon and brought to the safehouse where they all had discussed the Stone, where the Xanathar Guild attacked.

An alarm is triggered in the safehouse and when we all failed our stealth checks (except for Zephyr), the guard arrives.

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