The Storm King's Thunder: session 6


The party hired a ship to take them south: the Cold Wind. The ship mostly carries ore from Fireshear to Neverwinter or Waterdeep and brings supplies back to Fireshear. The captain is nervous about having a frost giant aboard but the party convinces him (with coin) that it'll be fine.

Augrek Brighthelm meets them before it leaves - with the Ironmaster dwarves reinforcing Bryn Shander, Sheriff Southwell sent her to help.

Once in open water, heavy fog moves in and the ship gets becalmed. The crew makes an effort to keep momentum by rowing the ship but don't make much progress. Fortunately(?), Corvyn's patron - the Lady of Frost, Tana - Tana arrives and tells the party that the spell of the cloud giant Fulminore is so potent that it actually takes effect before it's completed. The fog and still air are part of its effects. She "saves" them by moving the ship into a Feywild river (Sildr) that will take them to their destination on Faerun.

The Cold Wind navigates the Sildr, defending themselves from its amphibian inhabitants. When they pass through a portal at the end of the Sildr, the ship returned to Faerun on the Dessarin River near the Sumber Hills and the Stone Trail to Westbridge.

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