The Storm King's Thunder: session 9

Last Night in Barovia

Father Petrovich invites the party to hide the night in his temple. There, they discover that Father Petrovich has locked his son in the basement, where they hear him screaming about how hungry he is. Father Petrovich lets slip that he won't let his son feed because then he would be completely damned.

The party sneaks back into Vellaki and purchases some pig's blood from a butcher's shop and Bryn changes to look like Father Petrovich. She descends into the dirt-floored basement, puts the bucket of blood down and escapes before Petrovich's son can approach her.

In the morning, they go back into Vellaki to pick up their equipment. While inside Korina Vadu's shop, two walls explode inward and werewolves attempt to kill her. They kill all of them. Corvyn is probably fine.

One of the werewolves was carrying a sealed envelope addressed "To the foreign adventurers" and bore a wax seal of a raven. Baron Strahd von Zarovich has invited the party to visit Castle Ravenloft the next evening.

While travelling back to the village of barovia, the group is enclosed by the mists and channels every divine ability they can muster to keep from being swallowed by the toxic haze.

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