The Storm King's Thunder: session 3

A message of misfortune

Morak's neighbor (Semile Southwell) was also killed in the attack and pays the party to take word of her death north to her brother Markham, the sheriff of Bryn Shander in Icewind Dale.

On the road out of Nightstone a wizard's tower, floating on a cloud, comes to a stop above the party and lowers a spiral staircase down to them. Accepting the invitation, the party ascend and meet the cloud giant wizard Zephyros.

Zephyros tells the party that the Ordning - the caste system of the giantkind - has been shattered. Not only that but Queen Neri of the Storm Giants - who had been known to meet regularly with the small folk - has been killed, obviously by small folk. King Hekaton (her husband) was persuaded to investigate the truth of Neri's death by their daughter Serissa before unleashing his wrath upon the entire Storm Coast.

Zephyros has been searching for answers and his divinations have made it clear that the party will play an important role in the establishment of a new Ordning. He gives the party a ride on his flying wizard tower north to Bryn Shander.

Along the way, mortal, giant-vulture-riding representatives of the primordial Yan-C-Bin entreat Zephyros to ally with their master but are refused.

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