The Storm King's Thunder: session 4

Defense of the North

The party arrives in Bryn Shander, find Sheriff Southwell and deliver the news of his sister's passing.

While resting in Bryn Shander, the city is besieged by frost giants and their winter wolves! The party leads the defense of the southwest gate, earning the appreciation of the city. Sheriff Southwell hires the party to patrol near the city for more giants and winter wolves. Sheriff's Deputy Augrek Brighthelm, who aided the defense of the southwest gate, also asked the party to carry a message asking for reinforcements to her clan in Ironmaster.

The party began their patrol but soon realized that they were being tracked, themselves. Unable to stop it, they made camp and set a watch. During the night, they were beset by a pack of winter wolves! Once the winter wolves were defeated, however, the pair of frost giants they were leading beset the party as well!

With most of the party unconscious, a third frost giant crashed into the clearing, beheading the last of his kin!

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