The Storm King's Thunder: session 2

A daring rescue

After a trek through the forest - which they were warned is also home to a tribe of wood elves with whom Nightstone has been in conflict - the party finds the cave in question. Unfortunately, the caves are home to the goblins! A fierce battle with goblin archers and their two ettin guardians left the party badly wounded. However, they were able to locate the missing Nightstone villagers and escape the caves with them.

As they fled the caves, sounds of pursuit followed them. Thanks to some careful planning, the native wood elves came to the party's aid, helping them cut down the pursuing goblin horde. The fact that Maalora (the party's ranger) and Corvyn (the warlock) are also wood elves didn't hurt, either.

Lady Nandar had died in the giants' initial attack, leaving the town bereft of leadership. The inkeeper, Morak Ur'gray, stepped up in an unofficial capacity and ensured the party got paid for their labors.

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