The Storm King's Thunder: session 1

A missing monument

Our campaign opened with the party on the High Road, heading south from Neverwinter to take a contract offered by Lady Velrosa Nandar for stopping a horde of goblins that are causing problems for the town of Nightstone.

When the party got near the town, they heard the ringing of a bell and saw partially-collapsed buildings and a smashed drawbridge to the town's keep. They made their way through the town to the keep, fighting goblins and wargs only to learn that the town had been attacked by giants, dropping stones from a castle on a cloud! The villagers had evacuated to a cave north of Nightstone but haven't returned. After the evacuation, the giants took the obsidian obelisk the town was built around and which is its nameake. The guards at the keep offered a reward for rescuing the townspeople.

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