Orphans & Organizations: session 10

An unusual conversation

Before the show resumes, Mirt informed us that they're looking for a specific agent that could be causing trouble. He's hoping for the agent's location in a day. He didn't have the name of the person but says Maxine should be forthright. She probably won't speak if she thinks it'll cause a stir.

Maxine's dray goes up and down the High Road. The driver and tolltaker - the Wolfwood brothers - are not aware of Maxine's capabilities and should not be made so. She'll have a violet flower behind her left ear.

After the show ends, he offered to invest in the tavern. For each 200 gold, he would want a 5% share. He gave Vivi an enchanted paper (which will turn into a bird) to debrief. If we're lucky we could find him at his manor in the Sea Ward.

Vivi had heard of the Wolfwood brothers and thinks their dray works around the Trade Ward.

There was a Stablemaster's Guild, and I remembered where it is!

I take the appearance of a city watch guard - Gregan - that we've run into before to give us the appearance of authority and head to the stables behind the guild hall.

I get spotted walking into the stables and the stablehand tried to ask what I'm doing. As I turned to respond, I cast Charm Person and ask him to help us confirm the safety of the Wolfwood Brothers' horse. He pointed out two horses they use, Maxine and Marjorie. I asked Vivi to talk to Maxine and that I will check Marjory.

Vivi asks Maxine about the Zhentarim agent. Maxine asked if she means Blondie and Greenie? They were talking about putting agents in a guild. Vivi made plans to meet the horse at noon on Snail Street near the Honorable Knight walking statue.

On the way back, I notice two other Zhentarim - Sarborin and someone else whose name I don't know - making general nuisances of themselves on the High Road. I offerred to buy them a round if they agree to lower the volume, since they're making a bad impression of the guild. They agree but are obviously full of shit so I ask the bartender to give them drinks that will put them down for the night.

When we get back to Trollskull Manor, a gold dragonborn is watching us from their back door. This was the same place that had people working the lock and Gwen has put a note under the door advising them to get a new lock. We agree that we should learn more about our neighbors.

After Vivi relayed her conversation to us, Blondie doesn't mean anything to me, but Greenie is probably a description based on physical characterstics. It would be a bad disguise in the Zhentarim.

We discussed the terms of Mirt's investment offer. We don't want to allow more than a 15% stake and would prefer it to stay closer to 10%. Hopefully we could get 500g for a 10% stake. Our goal is to have something open for Brightswords; just the bar if necessary but the full tavern is possible. It's even possible that we'll be able to do a soft opening the night before Brightswords.

Hiring practices

17 Eleint - 4 days from Brightswords.

Before going to the Honorable Knight, we decide to start looking for servers and kitchen staff. We wanted to meet our neighbors and started with the suspicious(?) dragonborn's place. Apparently, it's The Bookwyrms Treasure, a bookstore.

The dragonborn said Fala is the (wood) elven woman who came around a couple nights ago, trying to get him to change something about his business. He finally introduced himself as Rishal and explained that Fala wants him to change which paper he uses to inscribe his scrolls (Duskwood). Vivi knows that Duskwood paper has been harvested to a dangerous level. Rishal said that he wouldn't mind changing paper providers if he doesn't have to pay more. He told us that Fala is at Corelin's Crown in Trollskull Alley also.

Nearby shops

The Tiger's Eye: ??
The Bent Nail: furniture store
Steam & Steel: a forge and shaper
Zephyr Post: messenger bird post
Brewn's Brews: brewers
Corelin's Crown: apothecary - back in 2 days

The wrong way

We get to the Honorable Knight early and wait. I catch a ride on the dray while the others follow on foot. Maxine was acting stubborn and slow, directing the dray off its normal route and toward the Yawning Portal.

Zephyr and I enter separately, me disguised as a dockworker. I see a hooded figure at a table with Yagra. I ask for a drink and sit a the booth next to them. Zephyr heard two whistles, while I hear only one from behind me, coming from Yagra's table. When I turn to look, Yagra beckoned me with a finger. I go over to their table and ask what they wanted. The person in the hooded cloak asked me if I preferred to be called Azthoran or Master Chryssel and since I was already identified, I dropped my mask and ask whom I'm speaking with.

The blond figure pulled back their hood and introduced himself as Davil Starsong. Fuck.

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