The Storm King's Thunder: session 17

Let's Forge a Deal

With a job to do in exchange for Duke Zalto's conch, the party talked through some ways to give Duke Zalto what he wants without betraying the trust of the various dwarf clans by permanently stealing Maegera from the forges of Gauntlgrym.

The group went back to Citadel Felbarr and spoke with the king and queen there and with their counsel, devised a plan to set a trap in the Iron Flask. The Felbarran engineers said they could make something that would last at least for a few hours, which they thought would fool Duke Zalto long enough to get information from him about King Hekaton's Court. Unfortunately, the engineers need to take some part of Maegera to make it work, and so they need to make a trip to Gauntlgrym.

While Corvyn, Bryn and Sashura flew the castle to the Gauntlgrym, Ghore and Alun went back to the Yakfolk village to foment a slave rebellion. Unfortunately, when they got there and started sneaking around the village, they realized the Yakfolk aren't slaves to the fire giants - the Yakfolk are keeping slaves of their own. Ghore marched into the chief's hut and challenged him to a fight, which a group of other Yakfolk stepped up to join.

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