Orphans & Organizations: session 1

Brawling in the Yawning Portal

Info to trade to Vivi:
Lady Kerri Anteos (whose family made their fortune from slaving and moneychanging) will soon be trying to forge an alliance with several guilds (Carters/Coachmen, Stonecutters and Mapmakers). Such an alliance would be scandalous to the other noble families and also provide Lady Anteos with an uncomfortable amount of power over the traffic in Waterdeep. Presumably the guilds will be getting paid but Lady Anteos will likely try to embed her children - Stedd, Lorna and Aestra - within the guilds, which guild members will despise.

Durnan: proprietor of Yawning Portal

Farah - works in Ahad's alchemy shop
Gwen - hasn't been in Waterdeep in like, a decade

Documents from Vivi: Doctor Eugene Marsh in the North Ward, burning documents indicating that Armar Goran of the City Watch is covering for a poisoning.

Group of five people heading toward Yagra in the Yawning Portal and jump her. Yagra starts to get overwhelmed and we get involved.

Before the fight ends, 3 sturges and a troll come out of the portal. Sturges die quickly and Durnan drops the troll, asking for fire. Azthoran brings a log from the fireplace but drops it, and Vivi picks it up with Mage Hand and catches the troll on fire.

Azthoran dragged the remaining conscious Zhent opponant outside to interrogate him. Volo Geddarm praised the other three PCs.

The goons attacking Yagra were members of the Xanathar Guild and are handled by Ur'gray One-hand - A.K.A. Naska.

Volo hires the party to find his friend: Floon Blagmar - longer reddish hair, youngish adult human and dresses finely. They were supposed to meet up two nights ago. 10 gold up front, 100 gold if Floon is found alive. Floon and Volo were supposed to meet at the Skewered Dragon in the SW of the Dock Ward at Snail Street and Filet Lane. The Skewered Dragon is seedy af. Very good for not being overheard! Volo went ahead but Floon never caught up. The night at the Skewered Dragon was 7 days ago.

Floon encountered another person before disappearing:

  • broad-shouldered
  • much more sober than Volo or Floon
  • fine quality (probably) blue garb, red hair

Azthoran signed a publishing contract - excluding his name - with Volo to find out that Floon was telling Volo a story about someone from a Waterdhavian Noble.

Gwen knows someone in the Xanathar Guild.

Shallow's End - a bar in the Shallows run by Vivi's family.

Rumors of a murder: the Watch arrested and beat up some Zhents. Apparently one of the Zhents fit the description. Hyustus Staget - city watch captain. The body they found wasn't the person Floon met:

  • red hair, fading into grey
  • not broad-shouldered
  • not wearing blue

Most of the Zhents were wearing black and beige but one of them wasn't - instead he had a tattoo of a non-winged serpent with three heads.

Xoblob Shop smells heavily of lavendar. It has a purple stuffed chibi beholder in the window that Farah steals. Azthoran bought five keys to unknown locks. Previous patrons - a week ago - got jumped by people with three-headed snake tattoos.

The Skewered Dragon is pretty much empty. Jobert, the bartender, is there, as is one dwarven patron who has rings on every finger. The dwarf apparently knows what they were talking about. Floon and the other redhead came back to the Skewered Dragon after they left.

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